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Concept Design

BTA has over 30 years of CONCEPT DESIGN experience in all manner of projects. What do they have in common? Each project is successful because we have created places people love to be. BTA has worked...
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Local Architects | 12 Elements of a Great Destination

COMMON ATTRIBUTES OF GREAT DESTINATIONS: 1. Excite and Attract From the very first glance, and frequently while experiencing the destination. Architectural form, layers, transparency, textures, colors, landscape, furnishings, lighting, water, signage, graphics, media, kinetics, and most of...
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Modern Luxury Homes | 25 Years in Malibu

Brent Thompson has lived and worked in Malibu for nearly 25 years. Throughout his career he has combined a portfolio consisting of billions of dollars of major international commissions with his passion – beautifully designed...
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