Local Architect | We Think + Work Globally + Locally

Local Architect | We Think + Work Globally + Locally

Brent Thompson has lived in Malibu 23 years + designed buildings all over the world. He is a local architect with an practice that is both local and international.

Brent Thompson was raised in Los Angeles and has lived and worked in Malibu for almost 25 years. He has also lived, worked and traveled extensively throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

As a result, Brent Thompson Architects is able to bring a local sensitivity to projects worldwide, as well as a global sensitivity to our local work. Our local work is grounded in local sensitivities, yet not restricted to local ideas or solutions. We are able to bring international ideas, concepts and solutions to our local projects.

Surprisingly, we have found that sensitivities to unique and local cultures and architectures worldwide have made us more sensitive to the uniqueness of our local culture and architecture.

We think and work globally AND locally. ')}

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Brent Thompson is expert in destination design: the master planning and architectural design of public places, including retail, resort, entertainment and town center destinations. Thompson has over twenty-five years of experience in architecture, concept design, master planning and urban design for a wide range of domestic and international clients, including every major entertainment company, with a rich portfolio of projects in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and North America. Thompson’s history is unique among architects. He was educated traditionally as an architect and planner, a course he followed in his first ten years of practice. He further had opportunity to live and work in Prague, where he was a founding partner of Architects’ Atelier Praha and refined his theoretical approach to architectural design. Upon his return to the United States two years later, he began a five year parenthesis, designing entertainment venues for most of Hollywood’s major studios. Entertainers are students of human psychology, and expert at the idioms of story telling and metaphors. Hollywood is extremely pragmatic in its approach, and places great emphasis on the “guest experience,” and Thompson emerged from that time a unique designer. Though now running a more traditional architecture and planning practice, he has learned to combine design theory with entertainment based pragmatism. His projects are media rich, multi-layered, metaphorical, expressive and culturally relevant. Perhaps more important, they work. He has throughout his varied career been involved in the pragmatic study of the way people use spaces, and the knowledge gained is the basis for each of his designs. He has further learned how to hear the vision of clients and to translate their vision into reality. Specialties Expert in retail, town center, resort, mixed-use, urban design and public space master planning and architectural design

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