Butterfly City | Urban Master Plan

Butterfly City | Urban Master Plan

Imagine BUTTERFLY CITY is civic poetry. The entire city has taken on the form of a graceful Korean butterfly. The butterfly is a metaphor for beauty, movement, energy, grace and most appropriately, transformation; transformation into something far more beautiful, far more noteworthy. Further, the form of a butterfly has great practical value for a city planner. It has a linear, compact core that performs all the basic functions, and wings gridded by veins that draw energy and strength from the center.

Imagine BUTTERFLY CITY is unique to Korea – in fact it is unique to the world. It will be the substance behind the Imagine Aphae resort, the economic engine behind the entire Imagine Sinan Resort. This city, the future home to 30 to 35,000 people, will provide a standard of living unmatched in Korea. The design for the city, based on North American innovation and Korean pragmatism, seeks to create a fabric of urban edges and open green space. Butterfly city references North American New Town Planning, the planning of the waterfront cities San Diego and Vancouver, and some of the best and most recent planning work done in Seoul.

The city is situated just north of the Imagine Aphae resort, spanning from water on the west to water on the east. The city is bifurcated by the main access route that connects the resort to the boat terminal. The future Sinan Gun administration building sits just west of this access. This building is necessarily central to the city, and needs to be surrounded, on its south side by commercial space and residential space. The prime public spaces, however are on the waterfront, both east and west of the administration building. This creates somewhat of a conflict, one that is addressed by surrounding the administration building and the waterfronts in ellipses, and by connecting the ellipse of the primary waterfront to the ellipse of the administration building with a great circle. The waving “line” that connects all three spaces becomes the commercial core of the city. The great circle, and the area just to the east of the circle, form the highest density residential neighborhood. Concentric rings of steadily decreasing density form the remainder of the city. Thus the administration building, commercial core, and two great open spaces form the body of the butterfly, tidal flat observation piers form its antennae, and the residential neighborhoods form its wings. Parks and schools accent those wings, forming the figurative “eyes” common to the wings of many butterflies.

Primary vehicular access is from a bridge connecting Aphae-do to nearby Mockbo, which then feeds the above mentioned primary island access road. This access road becomes a major north south artery for the city, and is one of four roads connecting city and resort. Secondary to this is a ring road that creates the city’s great circle, and additional arteries that outline the wings. The streets have been carefully planned to allow for great street trees and landscape strips and islands. In many ways, the quality of a city is the quality of its streets. The streets of BUTTERFLY CITY are patterned off those of some of the world’s cities.

Cars are augmented by rail in BUTTERFLY CITY. There is a monorail planned to connect Mockbo, the resort, city and port. Further, the commercial core of the city is defined by a trolley that runs continually from ellipse to ellipse, coast to coast, tying the city together. Every home in the city is within a reasonable walk to this core – the trolley gives residents access to the remainder of the city, while creating a layer of charm and appeal not previously seen.

As BUTTERFLY CITY is an island city, water is brought into the city to give greater access to the waterfront. Water wraps around the primary core, and a circular canal connects the county building to the coast, providing a linear park of water, landscape and biking and walking trails for the residents of the highest density area.

This carefully constructed network of core, roads, public spaces, canals and parks, as well as the great quality of its streets, commercial center and public spaces result in a standard of living the equal of which will be difficult to find in Asia.

Imagine BUTTERFLY CITY – a city as beautiful as its namesake, as livable as any in the world.

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LOCATION: Aphae-do, South Korea
SIZE: 40,000 Residents

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