Butterfly Resort | Resort Architect

Butterfly Resort | Resort Architect

Imagine an amazing place to start an amazing holiday. Imagine a place so captivating that guests’ minds are filled with daydreams of anticipation for weeks before their arrival, and fond memories for years after they leave. Imagine a place like that.

Imagine Aphae is built poetry. Its buildings are constructed of simile, their forms determined by metaphor, and the surrounding public spaces carved in allegory. Everywhere there is meaning. And everywhere there is nature. Nature preserved, nature restored, nature celebrated and nature honored. Imagine a place like this.

The poetry of Imagine Aphae honors the history, culture and natural beauty of this singular place. It celebrates the uniqueness of Sinan. Imagine Aphae meets human needs, nurtures human desires, and inspires human dreams. This is the poetry of Aphae.

People go on holidays to meet one or more of four basic human needs or desires. The destination they choose must meet these needs. The first need or desire, Rejuvenation suggests a destination that is either relaxing, such as a beach or spa, or mildly invigorating, with offerings such as golf or water sports. The second, Energy and Fantasy, requires total engagement. A Fantasy destination, such as a theme park, completely engages the senses, creating an encapsulating world of its own. Energy activities, such as extreme sports, are so entirely engaging that the rest of the world seems not to exist. Fantasy camps and extreme sports tours are classic examples of Energy and Fantasy.

The third basic human need people seek to meet on a holiday is Growth. Growth in the form of learning, or bettering oneself, focuses on history, culture and nature. Destinations that meet the need for growth include museums and historical sites, venues or institutes for the visual, literary and performance arts, and nature or ocean study centers. For Americans, a growth holiday might include a trip to Washington, D.C. to see monuments and museums celebrating their history, or to New York to see plays and concerts. Perhaps the most common human need is Community, meeting new people, spending time with family or old friends, or just being around other people. While this might not be the primary need people seek to meet on a holiday, it is a desire that most people will want to meet during some part of every holiday. Imagine Aphae, and on a much greater scale, Imagine Sinan, is big enough, rich enough and varied enough to meet all of these human needs, to be a resort destination for all. Imagine that.

Imagine Aphae celebrates the pleasures of rejuvenation with a stunning spa and hotel, and with a five star boutique hotel and water sports center. Imagine Aphae creates amazing access to fantasy with Imagine Cove, a place to swim with dolphins and play with seals. Imagine Aphae recreates a traditional fishing village and an oceanography institute – a place to learn what life was like then, and a place to learn what life is like now. Imagine Aphae creates the Waterfront Promenade, a wildly energetic focal point, a public place and a grand piazza. It draws young and old, men and women, local and international. It is a place to go with family or old friends, a place to meet new friends. Imagine that. Imagine Aphae.

Imagine Aphae Resort is situated on the southern most portion of Aphae Island, just across the water from the city of Mockbo, and immediately south of the new Imagine Sinan Butterfly City. Imagine Aphae Port is situated on the western most portion of Aphae, making it the obvious point of departure for the islands of Sinan.

The resort consists of four major zones, each designed to meet a specific human need, each dedicated to a special human desire. In the southwest corner of the resort, situated on several private coves and stunning points and bluffs, is the Rejuvenation zone. For some, rejuvenation is all about rest and relaxation, about being pampered and indulged. For others, it is about water sports and other vigorous pursuits. For the rest and relaxation people, Imagine Aphae provides enormous spa and hotel complex situated on two private coves. These coves are part of a large tidal bay that provides gorgeous reflected sunsets when the tide is in, and a wealth of life and richness when it is out. It also provides world famous mud for world famous mud baths, pools and soaking tubs. The spa complex includes a tidal flat study institute that takes advantage of this rich location with mud flats teeming with life and activity, with jumping fish and strange, asymmetrical crabs.

A five star sports hotel and water sports center meet the needs of those seeking a more lively rejuvenation. The water sports center offers a plethora of water based outdoor activities. Its docks, boathouses and individual lease spaces create a place were many small, entrepreneurial businesses will thrive by offering dive boats, wave runners, small sailboats and kite boards – a huge variety of water based sports. The hotel itself offers a variety of land-based sports, such as volleyball, tennis and lap swimming as well as plenty of pampering. This is a five star, full service, luxury hotel in the fine tradition of the grand National Park lodges in the United States.

The Energy and Fantasy zone has two major components, a family water park and Imagine Cove, a high-end, swim with the dolphins family ocean park. Both the water park and the Cove have a unique hotels; the family water park adds time-shares. Each enjoys a cove of its own, a secluded and unique environment. The water park offers indoor pools with direct interior access from hotel room to water slide, making this a four-season draw. Additional outdoor pools are right on the ocean water of the cove. Imagine Cove is an exclusive, unique experience to be enjoyed by just a few hundred privileged guests each day. This place is highly immersive and interactive – guests will actually get in the water with the sea life. Imagine Cove is exactly the kind of exclusive, must have place that will help establish the cache that Sinan must have to become a hugely successful international destination.

To the East of the Energy and Fantasy zone is the Community zone, the village center of the Imagine Aphae resort, the focal point of its social energy and activity. People will come to Imagine Aphae for many reasons, they will take pleasure in countless activities, and enjoy a wide variety of accommodations. But the one place they all will go, the one thing they will all do, is spend an afternoon or evening in the Community zone’s Waterfront Promenade. The focus of the Waterfront Promenade is the waterfront entertainment and eating area. At any time of the day, this will be an amazing place to sample all the best of the local Sinan cuisine. In the afternoons and evenings, there will be additional layers of entertainment offerings, including the entrainment pier with its roller coaster, Ferris wheel and carousel, as well as a number of land based entertainment venues. Further inland will be a paradise for shoppers including a high-end fashion shopping promenade and a brand name factory outlet center. Centered on the retail area is the Imagine Aphae event center, the highly sculptural home for major international events such as the Cirque du Soleil. Additionally, this zone will include two hotels. One, a hip, urban hotel will be right in the center of all the action. The other, just slightly less central, will be right on the water, sculpting a cove of its own. All of the Promenade will be wrapped in canals, allowing for the charm of gondolas and water taxis, and providing a constant reminder that this is a waterfront location, and constant access to the water.

The architecture of the Waterfront Promenades is highly metaphorical, and stylistically a transition between the great cities of Seoul and Shanghai, and the quiet islands of Sinan. Bold, contemporary forms will be constructed of local stone, wood, with rusted steel and softly colored glass. Modern architecture with a local face. This is appropriate as the Waterfront Promenade is, positionally and figuratively the Gateway to Sinan.

To the East of the Community zone is the Growth zone, home the Imagine Sinan visitors’ center, the nature resort, and the traditional village.

While the focus of the other zones is on the guests, the focus here is on Sinan, its history, culture and natural beauty. Guests come to this area with a desire to learn, to grow, to leave with more than they had when they arrived. The Imagine Sinan Visitors’ Center, a cross between a museum and a marketing center, will include a number of interactive, multimedia exhibits that introduce guests to Sinan, its richness and its layers of opportunities. It will serve as a trip planner for those who are on their way to the islands, and a place for those on their way home to make sense of all that they have seen – and plan their next trip.

The Nature resort offers small-scale hotel buildings and villas, allowing guests to stay in the forest, right on the edge of the water. It is the first of many Sinan resorts that quietly celebrate the natural beauty of the islands. The traditional village, likewise, will introduce guests to the variety of history and culture offerings Imagine Sinan provides. Here, guests will have opportunity to see what a Sinan fishing village might have looked like 500 years ago. Later, on the islands, guests will have the opportunity to shop, eat, and even spend a night in larger traditional villages. All of Imagine Aphae is, in fact, a visitors’ center for Imagine Sinan. It is an appetizer, preparing guests’ palettes for the main course, Imagine Sinan.

The centerpiece of the Port site is, of course, the port itself. This will be the primary point of departure for all guests traveling to or from the Sinan diamond area, Heuksan do or Hong do. The architecture of the port is intended to further the transition from urban to island initiated by the Waterfront Promenade. Facilities include the passenger terminal, ferry landing, hotel, marina and support areas. Long-term parking will be centralized in parking structures located in the center of the site, while short term parking will be provided adjacent to the terminal building. Long-term guests will be transported from parking to terminal by a monorail train.

The port site also includes an additional Rejuvenation area, including two small hotels, timeshares, and a number of villas situated in the trees, with fabulous views of the ocean and islands. The south side of the site has been left untouched to provide a place for the land based support facilities required for the future fishing port.

Rejuvenation; Energy and Fantasy; Growth and Community. The Purpose of Imagine Aphae is to meet each of these human needs for our guests. Beyond that, however, it is to thrill them. Imagine Aphae is Magic, magic that people dream about. Magic that makes Aphae a must visit destination. Magic that will make people save for a lifetime to come to Aphae. Imagine magic.

Magical places are completely unique. Like the Grand Canyon, Aphae’s recreated traditional village or Cortona, a traditional Italian village in Tuscany, they are completely removed from everyday life. Magical places are thorough and consistent – everything about them is unique and special, like the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, Imagine Aphae’s Waterfront Promenade or a Philippe Stark designed hotel. Magical places capture the imagination, like Disneyland, like Imagine Aphae’s Imagine Cove. Magical places enhance nature, like the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park, Imagine Aphae’s Sports Hotel, or Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water house. Imagine Aphae is magic.

Much of this magic is derived from Imagine Aphae’s built poetry. The vocabulary is indigenous. Local stone is used extensively on walls and paving. Wood screens mimic the sliding panels of the local, traditional homes, while timbers remember the wood framed peasant homes. The once ubiquitous thatched roofs are reflected in colors, textures and forms of the buildings of the Waterfront Promenade.

The metaphors run much deeper. The metaphors first speak to the local environment, second to the human needs addressed. The very form, for example, of the Waterfront Promenade is based on Aphae do. The craggy form of the retail street, running from the interior of the island to the street suggests the forms of the hills and valleys running from island to sea. The elliptical, man-made cove suggests the natural coves at the end of those hill forms. From the sea, the hotel and timeshare buildings surrounding the cove, some higher, some lower, suggest the layers of islands seen anywhere and everywhere in Sinan. The colors of those buildings do the same. The randomly spaced vertical timbers on the building facades recall the pines that line the edge of many of the beaches of island throughout Sinan. The “thatched” roofs of the hotels wrap down sides of the towers, forming the wall screens of the retail and entertainment buildings below. The restaurant and entertainment buildings at the waterfront suggest the forms of boats and ships. If guests look carefully, they will find an additional surprise. The roof forms of the hotels spell out “Sinan”.

Schools of fish, energetic and playful, are a wonderful metaphor for Community, the energetic gathering of people. Represented by schools of fish shaped kiosks, water features, landscape features and benches, these fish swim their way down the retail stream to the elliptical cove, where they swim around the entertainment and eating area, and then out to the pier. Further, the enclosing, comforting arms of the elliptical cove create a great environment for community to happen.

The metaphors continue along the cost to the water park, which takes its forms from the hills of the island, and the water sports center and spa, which feature iconic sail forms that both remember the once ubiquitous form of the fishing boat sails, and portend the future arrival of countless pleasure sailboats that will soon grace the waters of Sinan.

The boat terminal and adjacent hotel are particularly figurative. Their strong forms and rusted Core-ten steel, heavily influenced by the work of the internationally acclaimed artist Richard Serra, obviously suggest boat and ship bows when seen from the water. Less obviously, they suggest fish forms when seen from the air.

Imagine Aphae. It is built poetry. It meets human needs, fulfills human desires, and is the substance of human dreams. Imagine Aphae is magic.

Imagine that.
Butterfly Resort | Resort Architect

LOCATION: Aphae-do, South Korea
SIZE: 12,000,000 M2

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