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Flower Islands | Resort Design | Resort Concept Master Plan

Resort Architect | BTA developed the concept for the Flower Islands with several simple goals in mind: the project should be visible from outer space, the concept should be simple and obvious and highly suggestive of a resort, and it should be both unique in the world while celebrating the best of Korea. Based on these goals, we studied the world renowned Palm Islands in Dubai and developed the concept for the Flower Islands of Korea.

At its core, our concept was to create concentrated developments on the islands of Korea that largely leave the surrounding natural environment intact and untouched, allowing guests to enjoy the islands in their natural state, just as our research team enjoyed them on our initial visits.

The flower concept, in addition to creating a metaphor obviously suggestive a resort experience, creates an energetic core for the resort, a place people can meet and gather, while preserving the surrounding nature, wrapping it around the resort’s edges. The flowers are further respectful of both the local culture and topography, creating peaceful petals connected to a lively bud.

This concept represents BTA’s core philosophy for resort design: create an energetic village, and leave the balance of the site in its peaceful and natural condition for guests to appreciate and enjoy.

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LOCATION: Coast of Korea
Size: 8 Separate Islands

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