Malibu Traditional

Malibu Traditional | Malibu, is a place of obvious architectural contrast. The city is home to some of the United States’s finest modern residential architecture, yet ringed with homes that are distinctly historically associative in design. When BTA was engaged to design the homes of Rose Valley, we were tasked with creating homes of historical European architecture. While this architectural style is effective at creating a sense of timelessness, strength and security, it is not as effective at facilitating a modern lifestyle, or at providing great views – of critical import for a town were virtually every home enjoys views of the ocean, canyons or mountains…or all three.

When tasked with creating historically associative architecture, BTA focuses on two primary principles. This first is that the architecture should be literal and authentic, based on sound research of the best examples of a given style. Second, we like to contrast old and new, to provide for the client’s desire to create a timeless environment without sacrificing the modern lifestyle.

Adherence to these principles led us to create homes that are traditional at the street edge, and modern at the back. Thus the houses are rich and secure at the front, and wide open to the stunning views at the back.

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SIZE: 3,770 SF [350 M2]

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