Master Planner | Technical Park

Master Planner | Technical Park

Master Plan: a comprehensive or far-reaching plan of action.

Energy, activity, ideas and creativity. A symbolic gesture to the world that China is emerging and transitioning from a labor based industrial machine to a center of intellectual innovation. A mixed-use community where people can live, work, shop and spend leisure time.
The TEDA Technical Park will be a center of all of this, a city sized think-tank emblematic of the importance of TEDA for China and beyond that, the world. Our design combines three metaphors to communicate the importance of the Technical Park.

The first metaphor is a series of concentric rings, similar to those created when a stone hits water. Pond Ripples. These rings, formed by internal ring roads that facilitate circulation around the project, suggest that the TEDA Technical Park is the focus of technological development in China.

The second metaphor, suggesting the overwhelming movement of a cyclone or whirlpool, is evocative of energy and movement, of an unstoppable force of nature. In the master plan, this metaphor takes the form of a major water feature and series of landscape features spinning off a circular, peaceful, water filled core. Cyclone.

The third metaphor is that of the Ying and the Yang, the careful balance within the community of residential and office space, of places to live and places to work and create. At the core of the Ying and Yang is its commercial and leisure center, a place for both sides to meet, shop, eat and relax. YingYang.

These metaphors, especially that of the Cyclone, become more obvious and potent as the plan takes shape three-dimensionally. Building heights modulate around the core, spiraling upwards to increase the sense of energy, motion and focus. Further, building types are varied throughout the project, both to emphasize the YingYang, and to allow for practical considerations, such as the need for a southern sun exposure to all residential units.

All three metaphors form the primary organizational principals for the project, and as such, are repeatedly reinforced throughout the Technical Park. The Pond Ripples organize the office buildings while the YingYang describes the relationship of those buildings to the residential buildings. The Cyclone serves to organize all energy, movement and circulation throughout the site, and organizes the primary landscape and water features.

Site circulation is quite simple. Public buses circulate diagonally trough the site on a strong linear axis shared with the TEDA Promenades, and circularly around the site on the inner two ring roads. Private autos and taxis share these roads, while also using the outer ring road and a diagonal to that road. Pedestrians enjoy an easy access to the Promenades on the diagonal axis; heavily landscaped serpentine connections to the train station and southwest site corner; and beautifully landscaped circular pathways concentric with the ring roads.

The land use proposal is also very simple. Office buildings are located to the north and east, residential buildings are located to the south and west, and commercial uses surround the core. There are two exceptions to this order – there is a tall office tower at the very center of the core, and three residential towers, with commercial at their base, adjacent to the train station. The office buildings are primarily 8 floors in height with 6 story interstitial buildings. The residential towers are 15 and 20 floors in height, with 2-3 story townhouse type units creating a human scaled environment at their base.

The project as a whole provides 950,000 M2 of office space, 550,000 M2 of residential space and 200,000 M2 of commercial space – a total of 1,700,000 M2, or roughly 1.8 FAR.

The TEDA Technical Park is a sign of China’s intellectual energy and creativity. It has a strong, unifying, and well-organized plan, as well as unique and elegant architecture. It has been thoughtfully laid out to assure its success, and its design is not only compatible with the balance of TEDA, but it celebrates its place within TEDA and greater Tianjin, China and the world. The focus of Pond Ripples, the energy of Cyclone and the balance of YingYang are prescient of the TEDA Technical Park’s future place in the world.

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LOCATION: Tianjin, China
SIZE: 18,299,000 SF [1,700,000 M2]

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