Park Master Plan | Beach Park

Park Master Plan | Beach Park

Urban Design | The Haihe River is the most intriguing asset of the Chinese city of Tanggu. Yet until recently, it was also its greatest liability. Hidden behind seawalls, littered with abandoned chemical factories, and filled with their by-products, no one in Tanggu had any desire to go anywhere near the Haihe River, let alone live, work or play there.

Our visionary client, Tanggu’s mayor, charged us with creating a one kilometer long riverfront park that would change perceptions of the river, its value and its potential. We deployed one of our primary public space principals – create a place made up of a variety of spaces, each with varied appeal to young and old, men and women, rich and poor. We further announced its importance with three larger-than-life icons, metaphors to the river and the movement of the water.

The Haihe Beach Park has entirely changed the character of Tanggu and its riverfront. More significantly, it has given the people of Tanggu a vision for a better future.

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Park Master Plan | Beach Park

LOCATION: Tanggu District, Tianjin, China
SIZE: 1 Kilometer Long

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