Residential Architect | Mountain House

Residential Architect | Santa Monica Mountain House

This home, located on a hillside property high in the Santa Monica Mountains, is resplendent with the colors, textures and form of the surrounding terrain. The owners, a family of five, desired a secluded retreat that would shelter them from the outside world for the few hours each day they share together. Additionally, they wanted a home that lived as easily inside as out, and that took advantage of the gorgeous views of the mountain range on the opposite side of the valley.

The home, therefore, takes the form of a U wrapped around a courtyard. The house protectively surrounds the courtyard on three sides, with the remaining side open to the views of the distant mountain. All of the major rooms of the house open onto the courtyard. As a result, the courtyard takes on the role of both outdoor patio and the central room of the home, a place to eat, read and relax, or gather with family or friends around the central, outdoor fireplace.

The vocabulary of the home, a reconstructed collection of smaller buildings of varying color and materials, breaks down the scale of the home as is appropriate for the mountain local, and at the same time feels entirely at home in its natural surroundings.

Residential Architect | Santa Monica Mountain House

LOCATION: Santa Monica Mountains, Malibu, California
SIZE: 3,500 SF

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