Resort Master Plan | ChangPo Eco Lake

Resort Master Plan | Secret Garden, Chang Po Eco Lake

Master Planning | The Joseon kings treasured the Secret Garden in Seoul’s Changdeok Palace as a favored escape. Resplendent in natural beauty and immediately accessible from the working portion of the palace, it provided daily opportunities for respite and relief, and kept the kings in perfect harmony with nature. Today the hard working residents of Seoul continue to find respite in this magical place that so beautifully contrasts with the dense urban world surrounding its walls.

The Secret Garden at Chang Po Eco Lake will be just such a place. Immediately adjacent to Muan Enterprise City and Muan International Airport, it will afford Muan’s residents and guests the opportunity to live and play in perfect harmony with nature without leaving their city. In the crowded and competitive world of international enterprise cities, the lifestyle facilitated by the Secret Garden will set Muan apart, and enable Muan to attract a highly skilled and diversified workforce.

The Lotus House floats on piles over the floating lotuses of the Buyongji Pond in Changdeokgung’s Secret Garden, living in the environment without damaging the environment. In fact, the environment is made more beautiful by the Lotus House. In a similar fashion, the homes, boardwalks, commercial and entertainment facilities of Muan’s Secret Garden will be perched on piles, floating over reed filled wetlands, surrounded by snowy egrets and schools of fish. The architecture, upholstered in natural wood, metals and stone, will be in complete harmony with nature. The wetlands and lake itself will be extensively cleaned and enhanced, and migrant bird habitats will be carefully crafted at the water’s edge.

The Muan lifestyle will be enhanced by opportunities to live, work, play and relax surrounded by the lake’s fresh, clean waters. The Secret Garden will include a variety of housing types, varying in style, relationship to the lake and in density. Waterfront villas, each with its own boat dock, will float on stilts above the reeds that line the water’s edge. Town homes with boat docks will line canals, affording beautiful views for every home and immediate access to the lake. A marina, surrounded with denser condominiums, will provide another opportunity to live on the water, an ideal situation for boating enthusiasts and romantics alike.

Guests will find a great variety of options for short or long term stays in the Secret Garden. Overnight guests in transit at Muan International Airport will be serviced by a beautiful hotel situated on a point in the lake, while those taking advantage of the business and conference center or the adjacent golf courses will be treated to resort like accommodations on an island in the lake. For long term guests, always a fixture in an international business park, the Marina will include serviced apartments. Those more interested in shopping, dining entertainment and cultural pursuits will find serviced apartments adjacent to the commercial district.

Places that accommodate rich, activity filled lifestyles attract international businesses. The Secret Garden will provide a plethora of ways to shop, play and learn. A retail and entertainment center at the heart of the Garden will include shops, restaurants, cinemas and an entertainment pier sporting a roller coaster, Ferris wheel, merry-go-round and numerous game booths. An island lake will include a wonderfully themed restaurant and a beautifully situated teahouse.

Water sports entertainment will include a year around water themed park and spa, a yacht club and water sports center and the Marina. Eco Lake itself will provide areas for motor sports such as water skiing, sailing regattas, and kayak trips though the wetlands.

Enjoyment of activities provided by the Secret Garden will not be limited to residents, members or paying guests. Public offerings will include a public park, a wetlands study center, public beaches, trails and a civic amphitheater.

The Secret Garden at Chang Po Eco Lake will offer residents and guests of Muan Enterprise City opportunities to pursue rewarding careers without sacrificing a rich and varied lifestyle. Like the kings of old, they will have immediate access to this magical place, this place so close to where they work, yet so very far apart.

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Resort Master Plan | Secret Garden, Chang Po Eco Lake

LOCATION: Muan Province, Korea
SIZE: 35,736,000 SF [3,320,000 M2]

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