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Resort Master Planner | Incheon Resort, Korea

Resort Architect | The coastlines of Incheon’s Yongyu and Muui islands are extraordinary places. Peaceful coves, each singular in character, sheltered and separated by pine-covered hills, rocky cliffs and tiny offshore islands. The peaceful attitude belies the close proximity to 20 million people in Seoul, and one East Asia’s busiest international airports.

Positionally and historically, these islands are significant as the place where the land meets the sea and where Korea first opened up to the West. Today, by air and by sea, Incheon is arguably Korea’s most important gateway to the world at large.

The concept that we have developed for the Yongyu Muui Nautilus and Gull Resort creates a series of unique yet related environments, each carefully placed to enjoy the benefits of the natural beauty of the site, while harmonizing and enhancing its natural condition. The plan suggests nautilus shells and gull wings to metaphorically express the connection between land and sea, between ships and airplanes.

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LOCATION: Yongyu and Muui Islands, Incheon, South Korea
SIZE: 48,438,000 SF [4,500,000 M2]

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