About Us

Master Planning

The BIG IDEA. The Concept, the Plan. We start with the Big Idea. What is the Dream? How do we transform the dream into reality?

We master plan projects both huge and small. Every plan we create focuses on Big Ideas, on Dreams. We have master planned cities. We master planned the Alpensia Resort, the host of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea. We plan theme parks. We plan resorts. We plan universities. We also master plan family homes and estates. We even planned a palace for the King of Saudi Arabia.

Every plan we create focuses on Experiences. On Success. On Living.

Think. Create. Succeed.

Experience Design

Life is a stream of experiences. Some are magical. We make magical experiences.

Magical memories, magical appeal, moments, engagement, energy and hospitality. 

Whether you are building a resort, home, theme park or entertainment destination, we focus on creating places that make magical experiences. 

Think. Create. Succeed.

Architecture + Design

Beautiful Architecture. Memorable Experiences. Success. It’s what we do. Architecture is the

body, experiences are the soul. Success, the dream made real, is the result. 

35 years of architecture and planning. Our wealth of experience with the world’s greatest entertainment companies has taught us to Think Differently. See differently.

We see things through the eyes of guests of a resort or theme park. We see things through the eyes of the family whose home we are creating. As your eye perceives beauty. Memorable Experiences.

Think. Create. Succeed.

We Make

Perfection .

Designers design. Create. Designers just start drawing. We’ve learned to Think. Think First. Think Differently. See through your Eyes. Next, what’s the BIG IDEA? What should the BIG IDEA look like? We Create Magical Experiences and magical memories.

We realize Your Dream. Succeed.  Think, Create, Succeed. In that order. That is our process. That’s what we do.

Our Expertise .

Master Planning98%
Experience Design95%
Architecture + Design95%
Thinking Differently100%

You've Seen Our Work

By Thinking Differently and Designing Experiences, we have Created Success the world over. We have created incredibly successful theme parks like much of Tokyo DisneySea, Warner Bros. Madrid and a major attraction for Universal Studios Florida. We’ve created Malibu estates and designed a palace for the King of Saudi Arabia.

It Worked

We masterplanned Korea’s Alpensia Resort so that it could host the 2018 Winter Olympics. And it did. If you watched those Games, you’ve seen our work.

Think. Create. Succeed.

We designed a visitor’s center for Time Warner in the heart of New York City, and master planned universities and cities with a focus on the people who will study and live there. Think Differently, Create Experiences, Succeed. It’s what we do.