Think Differently .
Rearrange the pieces. Understand the goals. Rethink. Make it better.

Think. Differently .

Rearrange the pieces. Understand the goals. Rethink. Incorporate proven new technologies. Make it better.

Resorts, shopping malls, theme parks and homes are enormously complicated. Few designers understand how and why they work. Shopping malls around the world are failing, victims of the ease of shopping online. In China, 80-90% of theme parks fail. The primary reason for these failures is that while times and conditions change, designers continue to use the same models. Designers design, they don’t think, don’t change. Projects fail.

Think. Better .

We have a profound understanding of how and why some projects fail while others succeed. This understanding, combined with our talent for creative problem solving, allows us, forces us, to Think Differently. To Think Better. We are creating Retail 3.0, shopping malls that focus on shared experiences, because You Can’t Download An Experience. We have created new prototypes for theme parks, resorts and experience-based destinations, because the Disney model works for Disney, but won’t work for your project. Examples include our RDE Centric Theme Parks, Multi-gate Theme Parks and Hybrid Theme Parks.

We create

New Ideas .

We Create New Ideas Because We Can. Because we know so well how to create visitor experiences that succeed. 

But we don’t create them just because we can. We create them because new problems need new solutions. New Ideas.

We are among the world’s foremost experts in rethinking destinations. Think Differently.

Think First. Create Goals.

We first need to know what success looks like for you. What is your dream, and what is your bottom line,

Create a BIG Idea

What is the unifying idea that will solve the key issues, that will help you achieve your dreams and reach your goals.


Follow through, execute. The hardest part is staying focused on success when in the midst of all manner of small challenges and decisions. Stay focused. Succeed.

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