Design Approach

With EXP we celebrate the transformative change to the environment that water creates and demonstrate the profound consequences of its mismanagement and neglect. It is an exotic environment that celebrates man’s interaction with nature.

Client : Shanghai Jinmao

Project Date : 2016

A Place to

Experience Nature in the Form of Rivers

A place where the theme of water and its metamorphosis from vapor to liquid to solid is experienced. A place where the cycle of seasons has paused and regardless of the time of year you can smell the freshness of spring or warm your body with a cup of herbal tea to ward off the chill of winter.

Great Rivers Attraction and Visitor Center

  • Visitor Center and loading area for boat ride

Peaceful River(Nile) attractions

  • Lazy River float through Monuments Valley
  • RDE-The Oasis

Wild River (Yangtze) attractions

  • Three Gorges rapids ride

Amazon Tributary -attractions wet lands

  • Eco hotel (Bali like on stilts above WL’s)

The Delta

  • Celebration Plaza/Sculpture