Our Services .

Architectural Design

Beautiful Architecture. Memorable Lifestyle Experiences. It’s what we do. Architecture is the body, experiences are the soul.

Lifestyle Experience Planning

Creating a great home is like forming a great relationship. Lifestyles, Tastes and Loves. How will you live? We methodically help you plan how you want to live.

Interior Design

Insanely Great Malibu Homes seamlessly blend indoor living experiences and outdoor living experiences. Indoor rooms, outdoor rooms and shared rooms. It’s What We Do.

Our Story

Who we are

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, we went to schools and learned to be architects and planners and designers. We learned what beauty is, and we learned how to make beauty. We were taught that success happens when we are satisfied with our designs. When we finished learning all that the schools had to teach us, we started working. Practicing. We made beauty as we saw beauty. We were satisfied with our designs, and thought them successful.

Then one day we went to work for a small entertainment company named Disney. And a few others with names like Universal, Warner Bros. and Paramount. We learned new things. We learned that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that dreams can become real, and that success is what happens when our clients succeed. We learned to Dream. We learned to Create. We learned to help our clients build their homes and Move In.

Dream, Create, Move In. In that order. That is our process. That’s what we do.

We See Through

Your Eyes .

Designers design. Create. Most designers just start drawing. We’ve learned to Think. Think First. Think Differently. See through your Eyes. What does that mean? It means we think first, draw later. What are the your goals? Your practical goals and also your aspirational goals. Your dreams? 

Next, we think about the obstacles. What is in-between you and your dream? A challenging site? Money?  Codes and regulations? Finally, we Strategize. What strategies can we best use to reach your goals? Achieve your Dreams? Create Strategies for Success. Think First.

We Create

Life Experiences .

Create. We know your goals and dreams. We know the obstacles. We’ve developed strategies for success. Now, what’s the BIG IDEA? What should the BIG IDEA look like? We master plan. We design. What will it be like to be here? We Create Magical Experiences and magical memories.

Most designers just design. It’s what designers do. We focus on the BIG IDEA, but don’t overlook the details. How big is it? What ? How much does it cost? Not just places, not just plans. Not just buildings. Create Lifestyle Experiences.

Quote .

  • One Can’t Download A Lifestyle. One can’t download an evening in the kitchen with friends. One can’t download the smiles on your children’s faces as you gather around the fireplace or the pool.

    People Crave Lifestyle Experiences. Shared experiences. Memorable experiences with friends or family.

    We Create Lifestyle Experiences .

    Brent Thompson
    CEO, Design Lead
Happy Clients
Amazing homes
Awards won
Years Experience

Our Process .

Dream .

Rearrange the pieces. Rethink. Share your dreams with us. Help us see through YOUR eyesMake it better.

Create .

Life experiences. Experience is the stuff that life is made of. The principles of experience design

Move In .

Finishing matters. Dreams come true when plans are approved, built, lived in and loved. We get it done.

Our Expertise .

Architecture Design100%
Home Design100%
Lifestyle Planning95%
Interior Design95%

Our Legacy .

By Thinking Differently and Designing Experiences, we have Created Success the world over. Not only have we created insanley great Malibu estates, we have also designed a palace for the King of Saudi Arabia. We have enven created incredibly successful theme parks like much of Tokyo DisneySea, Warner Bros. Madrid and a major attraction for Universal Studios Florida.  We masterplanned Korea’s Alpensia Resort so that it could host the 2018 Winter Olympics. And it did. If you watched those Games, you’ve seen our work. The common denominator in our work is DREAMSDream Differently, Create Experiences, Move In. It’s what we help people do.

Dream. Create. Move In .

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A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am...
A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am...

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