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Why It's Excellent

Brent Thompson has lived and worked in Malibu for nearly 25 years. Throughout his career he has combined a portfolio consisting of billions of dollars of major international commissions with his passion – beautifully designed and crafted homes and commercial projects located around the southland, focused in Malibu.

Client : Private Party

Scope : Thinking + Design

Architect : Brent Thompson

Project Date : 2012

Over 30 Years in Malibu

The result of this rich résumé is a palette of skills and experience that no other architect can offer. Thompson possesses the ability to think large and extremely creatively, and is continually designing world class projects on the international stage. At the same time, he possesses a love of Malibu and LA, and a thorough knowledge of local idiosyncrasies, micro climates and micro cultures. He enjoys an understanding of local geology as well as, significantly, a proven ability to get local projects approved.
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