Malibu Colony Beach House

What's Different About What We Do?

BTA has over 30 years of CONCEPT DESIGN experience in all manner of projects. What do they have in common? Each project is successful because we have created places people love to be. BTA has worked for virtually every major entertainment company in a variety of countries, cultures and continents. We have assembled, managed and worked within large teams on incredibly complex projects. We are a full service studio, but our focus is always on design – creating, executing and building great places.

Client : Withheld

Scope : Residential Design, Thinking Differently

Architect : Brent Thompson

Project Date : 2016

The First Thing That's Different

Like our master planning work, our Concept Design work focuses on 3 primary goals: The BIG IDEA. The Big Idea is the essence of your project – the road map for every subsequent decision. The EXPERIENCE. We are an experienced based society. We want our needs met, but beyond that, we desire experiences that we can share, remember and repeat. We work to create places that make those experiences happen.

The Second Thing That's Different

The STRATEGY. A property is typically purchased, often at a significant premium, based on its location, views and access. It is further purchased with a purpose – to make the owners money, to provide a place to raise their family, to create a weekend retreat. It was purchased with goals in mind. The Concept Design must help you achieve those goals. How is a Concept Design different from a Master Plan? Master Planning focuses on the plan, the layout, adjacencies, phasing and configuration. The Concept Design, on the other hand, focuses on the look and feel of the place created, the architecture, landscape and interiors.
All of our work

Is Insanely Well Thought Out

By Thinking Differently and Designing Experiences, we have Created Success the world over. We have created incredibly successful theme parks like much of Tokyo DisneySea, Warner Bros. Madrid and a major attraction for Universal Studios Florida. We’ve created Malibu estates and designed a palace for the King of Saudi Arabia. We masterplanned Korea’s Alpensia Resort so that it could host the 2018 Winter Olympics. And it did. If you watched those Games, you’ve seen our work. We designed a visitor’s center for Time Warner in the heart of New York City, and master planned universities and cities with a focus on the people who will study and live there. Think Differently, Create Experiences, Succeed. It’s what we do.

Think. Create. Succeed .