Malibu Country Club Resort

Project Description

Complete redesign of the Malibu Country Club to replace the old club burned in the Woolsey Fire. Golf, conference, spa, restaurant and overnight accommodations. Think Differently .

Client : Withheld

Scope : Architecture + Master Planning

Project Date : 2020

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Is Creatively Crafted

The BIG IDEA. The Concept, the Plan. We start with the Big Idea. What is the Dream? How do we transform the dream into reality?

The focus, however, of any good master plan is not on the physical aspects of the plan, but on the GUESTS that will use the plan, and on the EXPERIENCE they will enjoy once in the proposed place.


The BIG Idea

We master plan projects both huge and small. Every plan we create focuses on Big Ideas, on Dreams. We have master planned cities.


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We master planned the Alpensia Resort, the host of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea. We plan theme parks. We plan resorts. We plan universities.

Every plan we create focuses on Experiences.

On Success.

On Living .


World Famous Clients

We also master plan family homes and estates. We even planned a palace for the King of Saudi Arabia.

Every plan we create focuses on Experiences. On Success. On Living.