Guangzhou Science City Town Center

What Does it Mean to be Science City?

Science isn’t a product, it’s a process. It is that journey toward discovery. It’s about making the connection between what is known and what is not. It is a quest, and sometimes it is quite literally a path. That path can take many forms-a road, a waterway, a digital highway.

Client : GET

Project Date : 2016

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So what IS our Vision for Guangzhou Science City?

In our version of Science City we create and celebrate in as many ways as we can those connectors that bring us together- the path, the bridge, the canal, the “cloud”, and in the end it is not enough to memorialize the people who set off on that journey without also displaying the products of their discoveries. The innovations that enriched our lives because they chose to pursue a particular path-whether it be the Silk Road or the Silicon Highway.