Cloud Lake | A Resort With A Purpose

Think Differently

Rearrange the pieces. Rethink. Incorporate proven new technologies. Make it better. Understand the goals. Resorts, shopping malls, theme parks and homes are enormously complicated. Few designers understand how and why they work. Our profound understanding of how and why, combined with our talent for creative problem solving forces us to Think Differently. To Think Better. We create new prototypes for theme parks, resorts and experience-based destinations because we can. Because we know them so well. We are among the world’s foremost experts in rethinking destinations. Think Differently.

Client : Chengdu ZuXin

Scope : Concept Design, Creative, Master Planning

Chief Creative : Brent Thompson

Project Date : 2007

Create Experiences

Experience sells. Experience is the stuff that life is made of. The principles of experience design make magic. Magic makes money. The lessons learned designing for the world’s foremost themed entertainment companies make us expert in creating leisure and Entertainment Destinations, and in creating Dream Homes. Experiences create places where people love to spend holidays, date nights, shopping outings and family days. We Create Experiences.


Success matters. Successful projects are those that are approved, built, well-loved and profitable— they make Memories. They make Money. In order to achieve Success, the designer needs to understand the dreams, goals and ambitions of the owner, the government and the guests. We are experts at discerning and interpreting the needs and aspirations of each group of stakeholders. Our focus is creating success. Succeed.


By Thinking Differently and Designing Experiences, we have Created Success the world over. We have created incredibly successful theme parks like much of Tokyo DisneySea, Warner Bros. Madrid and a major attraction for Universal Studios Florida. We’ve created Malibu estates and designed a palace for the King of Saudi Arabia. We masterplanned Korea’s Alpensia Resort so that it could host the 2018 Winter Olympics. And it did. If you watched those Games, you’ve seen our work. We designed a visitor’s center for Time Warner in the heart of New York City, and master planned universities and cities with a focus on the people who will study and live there. Think Differently, Create Experiences, Succeed. It’s what we do.

Think. Create. Succeed.