Retail 3.0 | Think Differently

Third Generation Retail

What does Retail 2.0 look like? Shopping Centers are replaced with EXP Experience Centers. Experiences that are not available online or at home. Experiences are used strategically. Theming is used strategically. Guests are constantly entertained. Employees are Cast Members and Cast Members are always On Stage.

BTA has learned from Disney that experiences sell. People pay for experiences. Moreover, people pay far more to extend those experiences. 30% of Disney’s income comes from ticket fees. The remaining 70% comes from retail, food, beverage and hotels. EVERY major attraction that Disney builds includes F+B and retail. Why? Because not only do people like to extend experiences by eating, drinking and buying merchandise, but they also spend far more doing so than they would online. They pay far more for the same products. This is the Offline advantage.

Client : Various

Scope : Interior Design, AutoCAD

Architect : Brent Thompson, Chris Smith

Project Date : Various