Wuhan Indoor Theme Park

Wuhan Dream Age Plaza Indoor Theme Park

Brent Thompson was design lead on the project.

Client : Wuhan Wushang Group

Scope : Concept Design

Project Date : 2018

We Create

Insanely Great Stories

The Story: Great Gables

In the 19th century a British inventor, Sir Mycroft Soames, became wealthy by virtue of one of his inventions: the “endless stair” or what is today known as the escalator. He used his newfound wealth to big an enormous Victorian mansion- Great Gables- in the British countryside. Of course, he used his famous invention inside his own house, although, with its exterior brass clockwork mechanism, it is more ornate than a modern escalator. This magnificent mansion, which featured the opulent carpeted and wallpapered interior typical of Victorian taste, was crowned by a large stained glass dome over the central courtyard.

The Setting: Ornate Art Nouveau Mansion

Original owner was a brilliant 19th century inventor who created the escalator
The house has antique-looking escalators instead of stairs
Original owner’s wife was a major art collector
She would collect rooms from ancient buildings and rebuild them at home
She was also a fan of magic and alchemy and the house has strange properties Rooms and corridors change position and doors lead to fantastic lands
Paintings come to life and writing appears and disappears on the walls
The original owner’s great-great-great granddaughter now lives in the house- Aria
A young boy who is attending school nearby has rented the attic- Beat